Incident Management

The Incident Reporting Module helps an organisation in reporting, investigating, and analysis of all incidents, accidents, and significant near misses.

The benefits of the Incident Reporting Module is to:

  • Ensure timely notification and reporting of incidents
  • Clearly record all reporting and investigation requirements
  • Improve employee and contractor awareness of incident, accident and near miss prevention
  • Provide structured approach to incident action tracking
  • Ensure that investigation and analysis are conducted to required depth and quality that lessons learnt are properly identified and used to help avoid similar events in the future.
  • Provide data for measuring the effectiveness of overall Health, Safety and Environmental program and analyze trends to improve performance
  • Prepare and Maintain documentation of accurate and detailed information for possible use in future legal action and insurance claim
  • And to contribute towards an incident-free work environment and enhance the safety of personnel’s.


Modify Staff Unsafe Behavior with Unsafe Act Unsafe Condition (UAUC) Module

Manage Incident ↗

Helps in reporting, investigating, and analysis of all incidents

Action Tracking ↗

Centralized Action Tracking System for all QHSE tools

How does QHSE Software helps your enterprises?

  • Capture and Modify Staff Unsafe Behavior
  • Minimize Risk
  • Identify Hazards
  • Tack & Eliminate Incidents
  • Audit Safety Standards
  • Greater User Engagement
  • Data Transparency and Access
  • Compliances to Regulatory Requirements
  • Boost Employee Morale

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