Structural Life Extension Studies

A high percentage of platforms in operation are now either reaching or have passed their original design life. Structural life extension is therefore very much in focus with many operators looking to continue production on their older assets for many years to come.

Fatigue has historically been identified as the limiting factor to life extension. However, evidence from all around the World for platforms in benign or semi-benign environments has proven that actual occurrence of fatigue damage is extremely low. In addition, where fatigue has been found, it has generally been on secondary steelwork that has no influence on the overall reliability of the jacket.

Ankaa Consulting has developed a methodology for structural life extension that does not rely on fatigue damage as the limiting factor to life extension. The methodology demonstrates current ‘fitness for purpose’ of the structure and develops risk based inspection and maintenance programs that are aimed to sustain this condition in the forward life of the platform.

The methodology adopts latest non-linear analysis techniques that eliminate conservatism from design analysis approaches and minimizes expenditure on unnecessary strengthening and repair.

Full compliance with the requirements of API RP2SIM is also achieved through-out the application of the methodology.