Safety Management

The safe operation of any facility is critical to ensuring that risk is at a tolerably low level. This is achieved by the development and implementation of an appropriate management system within the facility.

Ankaa consulting can help clients to develop an effective health, safety and environmental management system. Ankaa consulting can then assist in ensuring effective implementation of the system in compliance with corporate and legislative requirements through asset life by conducting comprehensive management system audits.

The key safety management and audit services offered by Ankaa consulting include the following:

1) Development of HSE Management System

2) Development of Operation Procedure Manuals

3) Identification of Safety Critical Elements (SCEs)

4) Setting and validation of SCE Performance Standards

5) Development of Design and operations Safety Cases

6) Development of Emergency Response Plans and Land-use Plans

7) Performance of Health, Safety and Environmental Audits

8) Performance of Gap Analysis for SMS020