Corrosion Analytics Platform for Integrated facilities of Petrochemical, Refinery and Power Generation in Thailand

Ankaa Consulting has implemented successfully α-phe platform for Corrosion Analytics requirements for an Integrated facility in Thailand having Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Generation facilities. The project was completed within planned timeline and met all the technical requirements set by the customer. The entire project was completed 100% remotely and a very agile project management technique was applied to deliver these requirements. This demonstrates Ankaa Consulting’s strong software implementation team supported with technical subject matter experts and project management team.

Company objectives to implement the corrosion analytics platform is to:

  1. Elimination of Loss of Pressure Containment (LOPC) incidents caused by corrosion-related parameters of stationary components
  2. Zero Unplanned Downtime incidents triggered by integrity concerns
  3. Optimization of MTA work scope for inspection and maintenance with zero discovered scope

The project was divided into 2 phases,

  1. Phase 1 from December 2020 to June 2021
    1. Establish inspection management for all equipment groups and for specialized components like CUI, Dead legs, Mixing Points, Small Bore Connections, Safety Relief Valves, Flanges, Check Valves and PP Insulation.
    2. Integration with various software’s like SAP, LFM, External RBI, and OSISoft PI, EDL, AWS data lake, Permasense.
    3. Pilot migration of data for 2 units.
  2. Phase 2 from July 2021 to January 2022
    1. Implemented the Integrity Operating Window (IOW) Module
    2. Implemented Corrosion Prediction models for several damage mechanisms using more than 10 year historical data
    3. Implemented Flange Management module
    4. Integrated and implemented FFS Module covering API 579 Level 1 and Level 2
    5. Designed Dashboard’s & Report’s for all the modules implemented

α-phe AIMS platform is a modern and comprehensive cloud / web based Asset Integrity Management software platform. You can prototype, build, test and deploy your bespoke solutions in lightening speed.

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Project Description

Implemented Corrosion Analytics Platform for an Integrated facility having Petrochemical, Refinery and Power Generation facilities

Project Details
  • Client: A Thailand Company
  • Date: 01/2022