Provision of Integrity Operating Window (IOW) Development for a CPP and Wellhead Platform

Ankaa Consulting has successfully completed the Integrity Operating Window (IOW) Development for CPP and Wellhead Platform. Our client is a Production Sharing Contract with PETRONAS. The facility is located in off the shore of Sarawak, Malaysia.

The IOW exercise aims to identify operational parameters that will have a dynamic impact to equipment integrity.  The Corrosion Monitoring and Mitigation Plan (CMMP), the IOW document and the RACI chart was developed, including but not limited to. 

  • COMPANY IOW Philosophy/Framework Document. 
  • IOW with CMMP. 
  • IOW Development Workshop. 
  • IOW Development Final Report with RACI. 
  • Site verification report 

The Objective is to review and revalidate operation data, process data and inspection finding and to develop Integrity Operating Window (IOW) with CMMP and RACI for CPP and Wellhead Platform.

  1. Data Gathering For IOW. Detailed data requirement for conducting IOW Development will be given in a Data Need List document.
  2. Develop integrated operating window framework document based on the current industry guideline and approach i.e., API 584
  3. IOW Development.
    • Extract RBI data on Corrosion Loop, Risk Criticality, material selection, current process vs. design, Corrosion Rate, and Inspection Interval.
    • Review existing Corrosion Management Plan, ‘Bad Actor’ or corrosion risk criticality and other input documents provided by Company. Contractor shall raise requests for additional information to Company as required for assessment.
    • Review current philosophy for corrosion control and monitoring (e.g., Process Sampling, Monitoring of Process Condition, Corrosion Inhibitor, Corrosion monitoring device, fabric maintenance, etc.)
    • Corrosion Control and Monitoring data analysis.
    • Develop Asset Integrity Limit (AIL) to incorporate best practices on corrosion control and monitoring.
    • Develop Corrosion Monitoring and Mitigation Plan.
    • Develop RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consult and Inform) chart.
    • Criticality level assessment of IOW parameters (Critical, Standard, informational) based on risk rating process
    • Site Verification to look on actual site condition as required to complete the study
    • Facilitate IOW Development workshop.
    • Final IOW Development Report.

α-phe is able to be deployed rapidly due to its platform capability to adopt client process and workflow quickly and also due to several readily available modules to use like IOW, RBI, PIMS, SIMS, FFS, RCM, SIL, BARRIER MANAGEMENT which are built using the international codes and standards.

α-phe AIMS platform is a modern and comprehensive cloud / web based Asset Integrity Management software platform. You can prototype, build, test and deploy your bespoke solutions in lightening speed.

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Project Details
  • Client: Upstream oil and gas operating company in Malaysia
  • Date: 07/2022